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vivre son écosystème

with Érika "Rick" Faucher

A project born from a desire to share with our audience our fusional love and everything that comes with it.


We decided to create a universe in which we wrote our own laws. To the rhythm or our united and discordant chants, in the waves of our colorful threads, we drew our common inner world, our chaos, our peace. We gave ourselves permission. We lived our ecosystem.

>> biologie et histoire, essay on our collaborative process, between care and chaos 

University of Sherbrooke, May 2019

[free translation] 

- inhabiting our body like one wold inhabit an antique store

- the objects resemble my organs

- my thoughts get tangled

- do not worry about mysteries

- do not think about what you know

- learn to lose balance while walking

- my uncertainty is the tightrope itself

- it is so easy and oh so difficult to fall

- listen to Sylvie's advice

- ignore everything that is not everything

- do not chose

- i am right even in my motionless chaos

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