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Shukrey and the Chapel

with Shukrey Ramadan

During winter 2019, every week, my friend Shukrey and I would meet in a chapel for the better part of the day. Shukrey slept every night in the snow, in a forest nearby. He walked a few kilometers every day to get to Bishop's University's chapel, play trombone and sing. Our meetings are filled with emotion; we were trying to heal through our music. He would sit there while I was making the same note for 10 minutes, “looking for the thing stuck in me”. He’d listen carefully, and start crying, moved by what I was saying with one note. Just one. The right one.

We laughed, we sang, we shouted, and after three month of weelky practice, we gave a concert, with Nicholas Desrochers (drums) and Perry Beaton (upright bass) at Tierra del Fuego, in Lennoxville.


Pascale, in reference to "la fête pascale" or Easter, means "passage to life". Shukrey ("shukri") means "grateful" in arabic. Shukrey and the Chapel is an intent to move from challenges towards gratitude.

>> bandcamp de Shukrey and the Chapel

Lennoxville, Jan to Apr 2019

"The Stuck Note", improvisation, St. Mark's Chapel, Bishop's, spring 2019
October 2019, TAN café, Wolfville, NS
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