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i'm looking for connexion.

i want to know you.

and i don't see you, but at least, see me.

in an oh so partial intimacy, the human condition

and an immaculate white text box

reach one another,

at the tip of a letter,

so softly


Live stream video on my personal Facebook account.

For 41min 27s, I live stream without using a stand, filming my half-open computer. Every time someone enters the live video, I shut the screen a little bit further.


Live stream video on my personal Facebook account.

I eat a tomato sandwich and spit out every bite.


Performance given in the context of Vin'Art night by RéALL (le Regroupement des étudiantes et étudiants en arts, lettres et langues de l'Université de Sherbrooke) on Decembre 5th, 2017.
My computer on my lap, I face the public. Around twenty tabs are open on a Google Chrome window, including my Facebook profile and a philosophical essay on interpersonal relationships. In front of me, an empty chair and a mouse suggest that people can sit and access the computer. I stay silent.


Live stream video on my personal Facebook account.

I eat a tomato without chopping it. It trickles down my arms.


Performance presented on December 6th, 2017 for the lunch of Cavale litterature magazine's 'Sandwich' edition.
I am sitting in front of my computer and am watching introspection. I am eating a tomato sandwich and spit out every bite.
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