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student performances


A student performer:


  • Studies studies themselves as a subject.

  • In all aspects (or almost all), integrates the student social spheres. 

  • Performs the student life-style.

  • Learns what students learn.

  • Never adheres to productionist beliefs of post-secondary studies.

  • Is neither a university student, nor a performer artist. A student performer breaks through categories by combining them. Therefore, whoever is interested in adhering the student performer lifestyle can be a student performer.

  • Uses a maximal amount of information received in class as performance material.

  • Creates and enacts intention-based student performances on a regular basis on the frequented campus(es) or with a scholar object or of scholar connotation.

  • Documents by picture taking, sound recording, description or testimony, every intention-based student performance.

  • Gives a title to each performance, and adds it to the Student Performances List.

  • Fabricates performances that stimulate questioning or that are perfectly useless (non-productive).

  • Maintains a University-student-like discipline.

  • Asks questions, regularly attends cultural events, meets people of their community, searches the sources of their questioning, recover each and every objet of inspiration, nurtures their body and mind.

  • As a University student, never loses motivation if their community disapproves with their choices; their role is essential in the student and citizen communities, even if it is still to be built.

  • In the manners of a University student, opens up to others' knowledge and comes into the world without erecting ideological fixed walls.

  • Maintains belief in the beauty and worth of every environment. Also encourages the crossing of environments, social circles, disciplines, definitions, departments, interests, ideologies, cultures, languages, beliefs, living and non-living entities.

  • Understands the University campus’ space as a playground. The norms of the place only apply on the Student Performer’s choices as inspirational -not restrictive.

011. Express Yourself.

(02/17/19) In my kitchen, after an 8-hour intensive art performance workshop given by Sylvie Tourangeau in University of Sherbrooke, filling my mouth with pens and pencils. [vidéo]

010. Corps-chaise

(02/16/19) In my kitchen, after an 8-hour intensive art performance workshop given by Sylvie Tourangeau in University of Sherbrooke, reacting to my hatred of school chairs by looking for all the possible configurations of a body and a chair. 

009. Liking knowledge

(01/23/19) At Bishop's University's Art Lab, as part of a workshop on Student Performance, manipulating Charles Taylor's Sources of the Self, like i would manipulate a lover [pictures]

008. Walking Tour of the Common

(10/26-30/18) Organizing a walking tour on the path I take between my place and my school. Creating a context for people to care for their dwelling space by suggesting attitudes and opening discussions on the topic. [pictures]

007. Sorting out books

(10/11/18) At the opening event for the Eastern Townships Book Fair, sorting out books with increasing energy and vigor in order to fill up a tiny bookshelf. Not waiting to be introduced, simply interrupting the host. [pictures]

006. Giving rhythm to trafic

(10/02/18) At the end of classes, crossing and crossing again College street until I get honked at by an annoyed car-driver. Stop when I feel noticed. [video]

005. Adopting the "mountain" yoga posture in a busy hallway.

(09/27/18) At Bishop's University, standing in a busy hallway between two class hours.  [written description] 


Arms along my body, unclenched jaw, loosen knees, staring right ahead, finding a still spot, my breath stable, slow, deep, positioning myself in the middle of a faculty hallway. To be more precise, positioning myself in front of NIC-004 room door, right after the end of a class called Space, Place, and Human Experience during which was discussed Henri Lefebvre's spacial theory. Lefebvre considered space as a notion intrinsically linked with our way of occupying it. He firmly rejects the dualist or geometrical definitions of space. A place is a social construct and can be modified by the ones that built it.

004. Documenting my state

(17/09/18) Replacing a medical note with a detailed photographic documentation of my state. Showing proof of my temperature on a thermometer, being pale, drinking camomile tea and fresh water.  [pictures]