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le tri

en empilant tous les livres

j’ai vu sous leur poids se plier

l’herbe de ma tête

marketing écoresponsable économie

bibliographique du néant décousu

épistémologie pratique critique

d’oeuvres du XIIIe siècle drame de

Tremblay essai surréaliste

ma tête mes mains mon sac ma question mon ventre ma bouche ma culture mon préjugé mon penchant le nombre de lignes

je suis contrainte

je suis faite

de contraintes.

A small empty bookshelf faces a giant pile of diverse books. A track of overlapping recordings of my voice reading excerpts from those same books can be heard in the room. 

le tri is a work on erudition, in its idealized and limited aspects. Humans write on and publish what they believe in. Humans read and base their reflections on what they read. Humans mesure the level of erudition in the weight of the pages they went through. Humans can't read everything. What knowledge will they sacrifice to the benefit of other texts? And most of all, what will motivate those choices? Using books as a tool, this installation invites anyone visiting the space to question their expectations concerning the usage of books and the noble aspect we traditionally links to them.

University of Sherbrooke Gallery, May 2018

Eastern Townships Book Fair, October 2018

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