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Conceptuel layout of mirrors and pictorial art.

The illettrée series is part of an "obsolete" books project for which I would rescue and give new uses to book found in the trash. This project extended over two years. I had this urge to create ritual contexts to heal the words our humanity was ready to forget. I gave myself the mission to give them another function, before their true end.  I painted my feelings on the rationality of others and I created a ball out of them to roll them from town to town (see: how far project). It's a celebration of the part of life in the words we left as dead.

Each week, thousands of books are thrown away. I rescued around a hundred of them.


The illettrée series has been a part of the installation à ce qui ne s'explique pas and was exhibited at the Baobab café during fall 2019.

Layout for the exhibition illettrée at Baobab café, Sherbrooke.
Layout as part of the installation à ce qui ne s'explique pas at MACB, St-Denis-de-Brompton.
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